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Continuing on, celebrating the rabbits found in literature, The Velveteen Rabbit, published in 1922, is famous and a favourite of many. I’ll be honest, I struggle reading the book, getting teary eyed and with a heart ache every time, but it’s still an important book from my childhood.

Creating The Velveteen Rabbit Look

This Velveteen Rabbit look is inspired by how our toys as children become worn the more they are loved. The fabrics chosen are soft, light in colour and have a ‘lived in’ feel to them. Cushy wool scarf, suede ankle boots, worn jeans and a cozy tunic sweater in a blend of cotton and wool, all in the comfortable colours of the Velveteen Rabbit. A watch in the same soft beige and a little Velveteen Rabbit charm necklace from Etsy finishes off the look.

If you want to find out what specific pieces created this literary fashion look, you can click though to Polyvore.

Disclaimer: All fashion looks is for inspiration purpose only, and none of these items are actually owned by myself.

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