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How To | Hogwarts Express and 9 3/4 signage

How you introduce your guests to your house sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

The magic begins at Platform 9 3/4! Quickly print off this free downloadable sign and make them believe at your next Harry Potter party.

The inspiration

hogwarts express signage

The Hogwarts Express signage

harry potter hogwarts dinner party- how to make 9 3/4 and hogwarts express signage

To put this together first start by printing the Hogwarts Express signage onto A3 paper. [download id=”10790″]

To make it 3D, the signage was sliced down so just a bit of white border was left, and the signage attached to both sides of foamboard.

hogwarts express signage creation

To finish it off, a long pieces of square balsa wood were attached around the whole border of the signage, both sides, and painted with gold paint.

hogwarts signage creation part 2 gold frame

To attach it to the wall, a metal frame (from memory originally supposed to be shelf support?) was attached to the signage, using a foam sticky tape (serious hardcore holding ability). A hook took the majority of the support, and the foam tape held the metal frame in place.


The 9 3/4 signage

harry potter hogwarts dinner party entrance 9 3/4 signage

The second piece of signage is the 9 3/4 sign, which we placed at the front of the property into the ground.

For this, print the below signage

9 3/4 signage Harry Potter Hogwarts Express party decor | free & downloadable

[download id=”10794″]

Attach to black foamboard (glue tape works well) and cut out with an x acto knife.

Attach the foamboard sign to a second metal frame, first with a strip of foam tape. Then to make sure it was solidly attached, I ran black fabric tape around as a strip that attached the foamboard with the metal frame so no wind would knock it down.

Use first foamtape, then wrap with black fabric tape to a black wooden pole.

Stick in the ground, and like in our case, hang a lantern with a flameless candle in.
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