Privacy policies are usually this big lengthy thing that makes us nod our head as we rapidly zoom to the bottom of the page, to click accept. So here’s the summary, in plain English, on what happens with any information you share with me on this website.

On, if you subscribe to receive an ebook or subscribe to the newsletter, your name, location, and email are collected. Key pages you land on are also recorded, so newsletters can be tailored for you.

Note that if you’re on the email list, you’ve already been through the double opt-in process, where you click a yes button in your email. You can opt out at any point following the unsubscribe link on any email I’ve sent.

Your name and email are also collected if you leave a comment.

I do not share your details with any other company or person. If there is any breach and your data is shared, I will let you know.


To understand what pages are most visited and what pages need work, cookies are used to log traffic for statistical analysis. You can modify your browser settings to decline cookies at any time.

This privacy policy is effective and up to date as of May 22 2018.