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For all the different dishes I make from literature, sometimes, it needs more. It needs atmosphere, props, costumes and people to make it truly believable. And those food scenes that inspire me often turn into parties.

I’ve neatly packaged up the parties I’ve done, and have listed the posts, both those with party setup photos, how to’s for decor, and recipe related, on this page.

A Harry Potter Hogwarts Party | Food in Literature

Part I (detailed party decor photos of the Great Hall, Entrance and ‘Platform’)

Part II (detailed party decor photos of Hogwarts portraits, Prefects’ bathroom and Herbology)

Part III (The guests and their costumes)

Creating the Great Hall

The Potions setup

Transfiguration chalkboards

Hogwarts Express and 9 3/4 signage template

Chocolate Frog Box template

Honeydukes gift bag ideas

Browse all Harry Potter recipes on Food in Literature

The Hobbit | An Unexpected Party Menu | Food in Literature
Menu and party description for ‘An Unexpected Party’

Seed cake

Buttered scones

Apple Tart and raspberry jam

Mince pies

Melton Mowbray style pork pies

Browse other Hobbit themed recipes here

Treasure Island | The Party | Food in Literature

Treasure Island dinner party details

How to: Admiral Benbow Inn signage  

List of food mentioned in Treasure Island (for inspiration)

Our Treasure Island dinner party menu

Sleepy Hollow | The Party Menu| Food in LiteratureThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow menu and recipes

Peter Rabbit | Easter Brunch | Food in LiteratureQuick easy Peter Rabbit Easter brunch table (two ways: blue & white theme | country theme) 

Peter Rabbit coat template The Great Gatsby Party and Menu- Food in Literature

 The Great Gatsby menu based on the novel

The decor for a Chicago Caper party (1920’s flapper theme)

Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Tea Party- Food in LiteratureAlice in Wonderland tea party

Edible rose bush

Tea biscuits

Playing Card Chairs

Winnie the Pooh | Rabbit's Garden Easter Table | Food in LiteratureRabbit’s Garden Easter Table

Also, you can download the pdf version of my free mini ‘Unofficial Hunger Games Party Planner‘ here.

The Hunger Games Party Planner_cover_small


From Harry Potter to Alice in Wonderland, this is the roll of the parties we've thrown so far. We've created menus, recipes and decor tips for them all for your inspiration.