Food in The Perfume Collector; Kathleen Tessaro (Food Reference List)

Food mentioned in The Perfume Collector


 black coffee black tea from India
 vats of Pimms vin rouge
 champagne pitchers of iced tea
 champagne cocktails sugary lemonade
 Coca Cola cold black tea
 green tea gin
 citron presse (sweet syrup and lemon juice) whiskey
 cognac tea with milk or lemon
chicory and barley coffee


cheap chocolatecoarse pate
cauliflower cheesestrawberry ice
caviar tartsrib roast
chocolates from Parisfresh pineapple from Mexico
croissantragout de cou d’agneau (lamb neck stew)
toastsalade mixte (mixed salad)
poule au pot (chicken in a pot)baguette
veal with capers and lemoncakes
oysters and champagnelemon slices
grapefruitice cream
pastry crusttarte au citron
roast chickenlemon and fish
black biscuits (charcoal biscuits)fish, boiled potatoes, le gratin
egetables for stewthin strips of apple
cheese sandwicheswhite bean stew
yellow cakesalade Niçoise

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