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Harry Potter | Order of the Phoenix (Food Reference List)

food mentioned in Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix

Below you’ll find the list of food mentioned in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth book in the series. 


rhubarb crumble | Do you know apple crumble? Well this is the same thing, only made with rhubarb.








kippers | Kippers are herring that have been cut head to tail so they lay butterfly style, and are salted or pickled, then cold smoked. Certainly not for the faint of heart!

bacon and eggs


marmalade | A fruit preserve usually spread on toast, made from the juice and peel of citrus fruit. Orange marmalade is quite common.


mashed potato

roast chicken

baked potato

chicken leg

Harry Potter Pumpkin Pasties

pumpkin pasties

‘joints and pies and dishes of vegetables, bread and sauces and flagons of pumpkin juice.’

steak and kidney pie

treacle tart | Harry’s favourite dessert, which is similar to a butter tart, as treacle is like molasses.

shepherd’s pie | a meat pie with a crust of mashed potato

Ginger Newt | a ginger cookie, most likely in a newt shape

apple pie

lamb  chops

bread roll


Chocolate frogs

sausages and mash | In the British version, this is called bangers and mash

Every Flavour Beans

mince pies | mince pie is not mince meat, rather a fruity filling


Christmas pudding and trifle

custard creams



chicken and ham pie

squeaking sugar mice

‘She handed him a handsome chocolate egg decorated with small, iced Snitches and, according to the packaging, containing a bag of Fizzing Whizzbees.’

‘where he bought a large pile of cauldron cakes and pumpkin pasties.’

iron flagon of butter beer | A flagon is essentially a pitcher. Wikipedia

orange juice

‘gulp endless glasses of some smoking, fiery substance’

three very dusty, very dirty bottles (of Butterbeer)

coffee at Madam Puddifoot’s

Firewhiskey | I’d like to think it tastes like Fireball Whiskey, a cinnamon flavoured whiskey that certainly warms your insides.

Gillywater with an onion on a stick: This always made me curious. Gillywater is apparently made from Gillyweed, which, when eaten, makes you grow gills. So what would Gillywater do?


iced dandelion juice

Skiving Snackboxes | A product made by Fred and George Weasley. Best not to try them!


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  1. I am obsessed with finding out what kind of bread Mrs. Weasley serves at Christmas dinner just after Mr. Weasley has returned home from hospital after the Nagini attack. It is so unusually shaped, I think it may be a prop. I’ve tried recreating the shape by cutting a circle on the top of the loaf but can’t get the flattened top. If it is a prop, I can stop making myself crazy!

    1. If it’s the same as the loaf thats on a the table when Harry arrives at Order of the Phoenix headquarters, it looks like a traditional english cottage loaf.

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