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The Constant Princess; Philippa Gregory (Food Reference List)


“sweet pastries and dishes of honey and almonds of Arabia”



Hot wedding ale- sweetened with mead and spices

‘She smiled and offered him a gold plate laid with food. It was a dish of his childhood, roasted chicken legs, devilled kidneys, with white manchet bread: a proper English dinner. But she had made them serve only tiny portions on each individual plate, dainty bones artfully arranged. She had sliced apples served alongside the meat, and added some precious spiced meats next to sliced sugared plums. she had done everything she could to serve him a Spanish meal, with all the delicacy and luxury of the Moorish taste.”

Salad (Acetaria)

Lactuca (lettuce)

Samphire: An edible plant found along the coast. It’s leaves are often used in salads or pickled.

A selection of fruits are mentioned: Strawberries, raspberries, peaches, oranges, lemons, apples, pineapple,



Sugar cane


Hops: The female flower of the hop plant, used for beer making

Juices of fruit


Venison with brandy wine sauce

Gallon loaf: This is how bread was sold in medieval and Renaissance times in England. It weighs 8lb 11 oz. (Info from http://www.victorianweb.org/history/work/nelson1.html)

Salted fish

Fresh fish


Baklava: A sweet pastry filled with nuts and syrup

Sweetmeats made from honey: Candy. Historically sweetmeats would have been fruit or nuts preserved in sugar.

Tagine with vegetables and rice: A slow cooked stew, named after the cooking pot it is made in.


Peppermint tea

Game meat

Spiced wine

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  1. I have looked for a site with food refernce lists for ages! Please make more! They are so pleasing to read and provide such a deep insight to the books and the flavour of a story.

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