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The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley (Food Reference List)


eggs Benedict:  An English muffin split in half, topped with bacon, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce


Hobnobs: A British brand of oat biscuit

dry white wine

pint of Deuchars; An Indian pale ale

“I hadn’t noticed that the waitress had returned, but now I turned to her and ordered. ‘Can I have the chicken curry, please, with rice?’ ‘No problem. Keen-Enn?’ ‘Make it two. With chips for mine.’ “

spicy ginger biscuits


“She made us tea, insisted on it, serving it with scones so light and fresh they barely bore the butter’s weight.”

Sirloin steak, with battered mushrooms

Brie wedges: Not sure if they mean just straight wedges of brie, a soft cheese, or the deep fried appetizer.

Crisply fried haddock: Haddock is commonly fished and found in the North Atlantic

white wine

“I saw Rob’s gaze return to it a few times while we drank our tea and shared a dish of sticky toffee pudding floating warmly in a sea of cream.”




bar of chocolate

Flemish beer: Beer from Belgium. They have approximately 178 breweries in the country, so you have your pick.

“I’d ordered fish, myself- small rolls of sole in the Normandy style in a mushroom sauce livened by bits of red apple, with piped mashed potatoes and salad…”

“A cup of coffee garnished with a tiny biscuit and a little square of Belgian chocolate.”

cabbage and onion broth


jug of wine

steak and onion pie with salad

ice lolly: also known as ice cream


“Rectangular pies of all kinds with their lattice-work crusts baked to flaking perfection”

salmon pie

apricot pie

painted eggs for Easter

full-roasted oxen

roasted birds and rabbits

wine fountains


brandy: a spirit made from distilling wine.

vodka martinis

Baltika Krepkoe- A strong pale lager


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