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Cornstarch Molds


  • a package of cornstarch/ cornflour (gluten free if needed) (more packages if you want to do it all at once)
  • 2 small but deep baking trays, both same size, longer than wand
  • blue tack
  • metal skewer with rounded top or similar
  • your clay wand
  • a pastry brush with natural bristles


  1. Pour your bag of corn starch into one of the baking trays.
  2. Using your hands, gently smooth and press down the starch.
  3. Take your other tray, place it on top and slowly and gently (I can’t emphasise this enough) press down firmly until the starch is packed together.
  4. Remove the top baking tray.
  5. Take your wand, attach some blue tack to the top and press the metal skewer in. Pat the blue tack around so it’s secure.
  6. Press your wand into the starch, and use the metal skewer to lift it without shaking the clay wand too much (so the design is clear in the starch). This may take a few tries. If starch falls back in, or your wand wiggles too much, just use your hand to smooth the starch and press the baking tray back in.


  1. Use the pastry brush on your clay wand in between each use as starch will get stuck and will make the design let definite.
  2. Depending on the width of your tray, don’t press the molds too close together. The starch when pressed into, has to go somewhere, so presses outwards. Give at least 10cms in between.