Food in The Halloween Tree

Plan your Halloween party around Ray Bradbury's story, The Halloween Tree. Need the party menu? Start here.

Travelling through ancient Egypt, through to Day of the Dead in Mexico, The Halloween Tree highlights the celebrations, customs and symbolism that have influenced and shaped Halloween as we know it today. While few foods are mentioned in the story (see below), if you’re wanting more inspiration for your Halloween party, look at some of the following celebrations and locations that were explored in The Halloween Tree.

  • ancient Egyptian funeral
  • Samhain (Gaelic customs up to 19th century)/ Druid rites
  • Notre Dame Cathedral in Medieval Paris
  • Day of the Dead (Mexico)

Foods that were mentioned in the Halloween tree include:

  • pumpkin pie
  • “They galloped with their teeth glued shut with pink gum. They ran with red wax lips bedazzling their faces.”
  • cooked meats
  • autumn apples
  • plates of cookies shaped like funeral priests or skeletons or ghosts
  • sugar skulls
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