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Coraline party menu

Hosting a book club gathering or a Halloween party inspired by Coraline? Take inspiration from the food mentioned in Neil Gaiman’s book.

Plan your Coraline Halloween party with the menu from the book


cup of tea


hot chocolate

orange juice



thick chocolate milk


dry Garibaldi biscuit

cooking chocolate


digestive biscuits


blackbeetles (the other Mother snacks on)


leek and potato stew with a tarragon garnish and melted Gruyere cheese

microwave chips

microwave minipizza

fish fingers

huge, golden-brown roasted chicken, fried potatoes, tiny green peas

chicken stewed in wine

chicken stuffed with prunes

chicken in pastry

frozen pizza

cheese omelette (eggs, cheeses, butter) with bacon

exotic foods (spices, herbs )

homemade pizza with green pepper, little meatballs, pineapple chunks.

from the picnic: salads, sandwiches, nuts, fruits, boiled new potatoes, cold, whole, cooked, trout, slices of bread and jam

little meat or hamburger

Desserts & Sweets


box of chocolates (coconut chocolate, toffee chocolate)

toast with jam and peanut butter

toffee or butterscotch ball

chocolate cake

cherry cake

ice cream (chocolate)

honeysuckle flowers

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