Ogden's Olde Firewhisky recipe | Harry Potter
Serves: 250ml
  • 250ml Canadian Club whiskey
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 heaped tbsp brown sugar
  1. Taking a brand new 250ml bottle of Canadian Club whisky, pour just a smidgen out of the bottle to make room for the additional ingredients.
  2. Place the cinnamon sticks and the brown sugar into the bottle, close the lid and shake.
  3. Let it rest in a dark cupboard for about a week, longer for a more intense flavour.
  4. Test taste and adjust sugar to your palate.
  5. Strain all the ingredients and pour the whisky blend back into the bottle.
This Firewhisky was inspired by the recipe on FirstWeFeast.com
Recipe by In Literature at https://www.inliterature.net/food-in-literature/drinks/alcoholic/2017/06/13021.html