Honeydukes Pumpkin Juice Sugar Scrub

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1 cup raw sugar

1/2 cup coconut oil, melted

essential or food grade oils (pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla) **


In the coconut oil is firm, pop in the microwave on 10-second spurts until melted.

Pour the oil into the raw sugar.

Drop or pour in your oils. The amount of oil you use depends on the concentration of each. I used food grade to be consistent. Make sure your apple scent is the strongest– I used about a capful of a concentrate. The vanilla extract is about the same capful amount. Your cinnamon comes next with a little less than a capful. Cloves and pumpkin were an essential oil, so only 2-3 drops were used for each.

Stir well and scoop into a glass jar with an airtight lid. Attach the free downloadable Honeydukes pumpkin juice label


  • Cinnamon and clove essential oil can cause skin irritations. I used a food grade oil for these, however, it might be best to do a skin test before using.
  • To keep the sugar scrub from going off, keep water away from the mix. Scoop out what you need before heading into the shower.
  • The free downloadable Honeydukes pumpkin juice sugar scrub label can be found here