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Honeydukes Pumpkin Juice Sugar Scrub

Another Honeydukes inspired beauty product to add to your bathroom shelf! This time, we’re taking inspiration from that cosy scent of pumpkin juice from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

To make it smell as close to the drink, we’re using apple essence as the base, adding in vanilla, some spices in food-grade oil form, like cinnamon and cloves, and finishing off with a little hint of pumpkin.

I love that we’re making something that smells like something straight from the shops of Honeydukes. But I also love that, by making our own sugar scrub, we know what we’re using on our bodies. Raw sugar, coconut oil and (assuming you use food grade oils) oils that you can use in cooking– it’s all goodness here.

While I’ve made our own pumpkin juice sugar scrub label to download, there are also free downloads of the Wizarding World’s version online, like over at DeviantArt. To take it further, if you have Photoshop skills, you could probably adjust the label to include “sugar scrub”, and have a really authentic looking Honeydukes beauty shelf!

Don’t forget, this would make an amazing gift for a Harry Potter fan. You could even team it with the Fizzing Whizzbee bath bombs and the coconut ice soap to make a nice gift basket.


Honeydukes Pumpkin Juice Sugar Scrub

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  • Author: Bryton Taylor
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes



1 cup raw sugar

1/2 cup coconut oil, melted

essential or food grade oils (pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla) **


In the coconut oil is firm, pop in the microwave on 10-second spurts until melted.

Pour the oil into the raw sugar.

Drop or pour in your oils. The amount of oil you use depends on the concentration of each. I used food grade to be consistent. Make sure your apple scent is the strongest– I used about a capful of a concentrate. The vanilla extract is about the same capful amount. Your cinnamon comes next with a little less than a capful. Cloves and pumpkin were an essential oil, so only 2-3 drops were used for each.

Stir well and scoop into a glass jar with an airtight lid. Attach the free downloadable Honeydukes pumpkin juice label


  • Cinnamon and clove essential oil can cause skin irritations. I used a food grade oil for these, however, it might be best to do a skin test before using.
  • To keep the sugar scrub from going off, keep water away from the mix. Scoop out what you need before heading into the shower.
  • The free downloadable Honeydukes pumpkin juice sugar scrub label can be found here

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