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How To Make: Harry Potter Hogwart’s Great Hall Cutlery

If you’re throwing a party based on Hogwart’s Great Hall, you need these.

Not ‘maybe they would look cute’.



These would’ve been made of metal, however metalworks isn’t my forte. Clay however, seems to hold up pretty well. Doing it again, I might suggest putting in a metal rod down the middle for more support. I haven’t exactly squeezed or tossed the cutlery set around to see how well they’d hold up. But I wouldn’t count on them holding up being dropped on the floor. They will, though, handle being used as cutlery at dinner.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall cutlery DIY

I decided I was going to make these when I saw them at The Making of Harry Potter (sick of hearing that I went there? Sorry. But you’ll hear it another dozen times by the time I’ve finished all my posts of HP. It was like swimming in inspiration.). It’s those small details you don’t really pay attention to in the movie. You see it and whoosh, onto the next scene. So here’s some close up photos of what I saw. You’ll get an idea for the rest of the dinnerware as well.


Oink. If I could’ve made the pig’s head carafes, I would’ve. However my carving skills aren’t that good. But, I’ll find a way yet.

harrypotter_hogwarts_greathall_cutlery-0570  harrypotter_hogwarts_greathall_cutlery-0573

harrypotter_hogwarts_greathall_cutlery-0572 harrypotter_hogwarts_greathall_cutlery-0590

So now that you’ve had a good look at the cutlery, Ill show you how I made this easy peasy Hogwart’s Great Hall cutlery set.



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