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A Harry Potter Hogwarts Dinner Party | Part III

A party is never complete without your guests, and my gorgeous friends absolutely made it awesome. Everyone made such an effort with their costumes, either buying or making them, so yes, they need a post to show them off!

All the following photos are by Danika Zuks, who saved me on the day of my party and took photos throughout the night (note: never try to decorate, host and play photographer- it doesn’t work). I was able to photograph the days after, but she captured the atmosphere as well as the following amazing costumes and food.

Harry Potter Party - 045 Harry Potter Party - 049 Harry Potter Party - 050 Harry Potter Party - 052 Harry Potter Party - 056 Harry Potter Party - 064 Harry Potter Party - 075Harry Potter Party - 042 Harry Potter Party - 059

I’m also going to note my sister came as a unicorn, but unicorns are shy in front of cameras.

Everyone also brought plates of food so we ate and drank throughout the night…

Harry Potter Party

polyjuice potion (a cucumber and gin cocktail) by Laura Moseley

Harry Potter Party - polyjuice potion cocktail

Harry Potter Party - 028

pumpkin pasties by Eat Meets West (no recipe available, but you can find the gluten free recipe we made for pumpkin pasties here)

Harry Potter Party - 082

cheese platter and dips and bread

Harry Potter Party - 087

meat pies by The Tales Compendium (no recipe available)

Harry Potter Party - meat pies

wild berry filled and caramel filled shortbread cookies

Harry Potter Party - shortbread

treacle tart . Find the recipe for treacle tart from ChiGarden

Harry Potter Party - treacle tart

chocolate frogs by Laura Moseley and Jess (Freddo Frog, the Australian cousin of the original chocolate frog, making an appearance)

Harry Potter Party - 129

‘fungus covered’ nuts (recipe on The Brazen Duck)

Harry Potter Party - 133

cauldron cakesHarry Potter Party - 121

golden chocolate and ginger snitches (recipe available on The Brazen Duck) Harry Potter Party - 173


Spindle’s Lick’O’Rish from The Brazne Duck

Harry Potter Party - 125

I also served chicken, mashed potatoes and glazed carrots, all typical fare at Hogwarts for dinner. I also made up a vegetarian shepherds pie, but sadly I forgot it in the kitchen!

Harry Potter Party - 090

harry potter series | A Hogwarts Dinner Party | part 1 Harry Potter Hogwarts Dinner Series | Part II Harry Potter Hogwarts Dinner Series | Part III With just some cheap blackboards (or even just black paper!) and some chalk, draw these designs (as seen in the movies) and quickly create a Hogwarts Potions classroom for your Harry Potter party. Creating the ultimate Hogwarts Harry Potter party means having the perfect potions set up. To make the room feel believable, follow our checklist of the pieces we put on our shelves. There’s a photo of every shelf so you can see the detail and be inspired for your own party!  hogwarts 9 3:4 signage how to | harry potter series  With just a few ideas, you'll have 'Herbology' set up for your Harry Potter party i no time!



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  1. I came across this site by luck. I have never seen a themed party look so damn magnificent. The details that you put in is just…wow!

  2. This is the best detailed Harry Potter themed party I’ve seen thus far. Everything looks magnificent. Right down to the furniture. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter & of yours. Brilliant!!

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