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A Harry Potter Hogwarts Dinner Party | Part II

Harry Potter Hogwarts Dinner Series | Part II

We left you standing in the world of Harry Potter, specifically in Hogwarts’ Great Hall, with the starry sky above you and flameless candles bobbing above your head. Turning away from the array of potions bottles, we’ll head through the halls to Herbology and to the perfects’ bathroom to see Moaning Myrtle.

Turning back through the entrance, a wizarding robe and a witch’s hat hangs next to some Transfiguration chalkboards explaining how to transform a snail into a teapot.

harry potter hogwarts dinner party-transfiguration

Around the corner, towering portraits look down on you.

harry potter hogwarts dinner party-portraits

harry potter hogwarts dinner party- portraits

On the full length mirror someone has scrawled the warning, ‘The chamber of secrets has been opened… Enemies of the heir, beware…”

Don’t open that door! A troll has been spotted in the dungeon!

harry potter hogwarts dinner party- troll in dungeon sign

Seems we’ve reached Herbology!


harry potter hogwarts dinner party-1-7

Professor Sprout has left some dragon dung compost (an excellent variety is this organic Chinese Fireball) and the textbook 1000 Magical Herbs & Fungi to get you started with the mandrake.

harry potter herbology hogwarts dinner

harry potter hogwarts dinner party-herbology dragon dung compost

But don’t forget to pop on those red fluffy earmuffs, the sound of a young mandrake won’t kill you, but it’ll knock you out for several hours!

harry potter hogwarts dinner party-mandrake

If there’s anything else you need, just dive into the Herbology cabinet.

harry potter hogwarts dinner party- herbology cabinet

There’s the usual pots, burlap and gloves,

harry potter hogwarts dinner party-1-5

harry potter hogwarts dinner party-9

Flesh eating slug repellent (careful with that!)

harry potter hogwarts dinner party-flesh eating slug repellent

And seeds of devil’s snare, fanged geranium, gillyweed, mimbulus mimbletonia and mandrake.

harry potter hogwarts dinner party- seed packets herbology

In a greenhouse, shelves of plants are stored (be careful! You never know which ones are poisonous!)


harry potter hogwarts dinner party-1-6

But, wait, what’s that sound? Oh, it’s Moaning Myrtle in the prefects’ bathroom (which is why a mermaid poses in the stainglass window), and it seems Myrtle’s in quite a chatty mood!

harry potter hogwarts dinner party-5

But sorry Myrtle, can’t stay too long. Since we should head back into the Great Hall and let the party begin…

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  1. Dear Bryton,

    Every single aspect of this party looks utterly amazing! I have a question, how did you make the Hogwarts portraits? I have a Ravenclaw themed Harry Potter party coming up this year and I want to hang some portraits too. Many thanks in advance!

    P.S. I love your YouTube channel!

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you! For the larger portraits, I printed them as sections then scrunched the paper slightly to create that look. We had several canvases around the house so attached it to the back, so the wood frame showed. The smaller ones are just printed normally, some have that scrunched look too, and placed into lightweight frames. If it wasn’t wide enough, I used black fabric tape on either side to create more of a framed look. Hope that helps! x

  2. How did you make the portraits. I create a Harry Potter Class with my students and it would just add to the fun!!


  3. Hi! I was just wondering how you created the floating candles and the “no ceiling” sky! (This looks like it was an awesome party!)

    Thank you in advance.

    1. I made it by printing a design on thicker tracing paper, then using a hot glue gun to create the outline. Attaching it to poles made it sturdy enough to stand up. 🙂

  4. Love the portraits! Where did you find them online? I know you said you printed them yourself but I’m not sure where to look.

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