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Creating A Quick Easy Peter Rabbit Easter Table, Two Ways

Appearing for the first time in 1902, Peter Rabbit has become a favourite theme inspiration for Easter. In this post, I’ve got two easy ways to set up a Peter Rabbit Easter brunch table, plus a video showing the set up.

Pastel Peter Rabbit Blue and White Theme

Breakdown of an Easy Peter Rabbit Easter table via BrytonTaylor.com

1. Use greenery as a backdrop or hold your Easter brunch in the garden.

2. Ikea’s Socker greenhouse becomes the centrepiece for this table ($19.99)

3. As Mr McGregor’s garden is the setting for Peter Rabbit, use festive or butter lettuce instead of flowers in white pots. Not only does it keep with the theme, it’s a whole lot more price conscious too! I put Lindt chocolate carrots in to finish it off.

4. Create Peter Rabbit’s jacket using felt, brads and fabric adhesive if you don’t like sewing. (Pattern coming soon).

Peter Rabbit Easter Basket via BrytonTaylor.com

5. Easter baskets are white bowls filled with white shredded crinkle paper filler. I filled them with Peter Rabbit chocolate, blue and white M&Ms, pastel blue chocolate eggs and Lindt chocolate carrots.

6. Keep all the dishes, serving platters and napkins white, although patterns can differ.

 Rustic Peter Rabbit Country Theme

Peter Rabbit Rustic Country Themed Easter Table via BrytonTaylor.com

1. Wicker baskets in different shades of brown automatically add that country feel. You can display fresh vegetables or line them with napkins and use them to hold bread.

2. Display brand new garden gloves or other small garden accessories like watering cans.

3. Brand new pots can be used to hold food. Make sure they are brand new and not just washed pots you’ve used before!

4. Use rougher textured linen napkins in a beige/grey.

5. Butter lettuce was placed in terracotta pots as decoration. If you’re doing this as a sit down brunch rather than buffet style, select enough to run them down the table in odd numbers. To keep your table from looking flat, make sure you choose terracotta pots in different heights to create different levels.

6. Paper seedling pots hides the glasses of pudding to keep with the garden feel.

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