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With Easter just a few weeks away, I thought I’d share my holiday planning in the form of an illustration. As with all holidays, Easter is themed, usually inspired by literature. In past years, Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland have graced our tables. But this year, it’s that famous little bunny, Peter Rabbit.

Peter Rabbit Themed Easter Table; Concept Art and Menu

Here’s the main points I’m looking at

– terracotta pots as Easter baskets at each table place setting, and smaller pots to hold food and dips

-drinks served in (brand new!) watering cans

– a white picket fence

-‘Mr McGregor’s Garden’ signage

– Peter Rabbit’s coat and shoes hung up on a pole

-greenery as a backdrop and centrepiece

We usually have both breakfast and lunch as we tend to start early and just hang around. So you can find below the two menus inspired from the Peter Rabbit food list, one for breakfast and one for lunch. Choose either one or combine the two for a brunch menu. Stick around, the recipes for the menus will be following over the next two weeks!

Peter Rabbit Themed Easter Table; Concept Art and Menu Peter Rabbit Themed Easter Table; Concept Art and Menu

Food mentioned in Peter Rabbit is substantial and can be interpreted as you see fit. Following is the list from the book so you can think up some other recipe ideas for your Peter Rabbit themed Easter!

rabbit pie
currant buns
french beans
black currant
black berries

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