DIY Rustic Sleepy Hollow Town Sign

October is the season of coziness—where pumpkin spice lattes become the drink of choice and homes are adorned in festive autumn decor. Enhance your autumn decorations by crafting a personalized Sleepy Hollow town sign.

Sleepy Hollow Signage Crafting Tips

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting, these tips will guide your hands:

  • Balsa wood is perfect for this project: lightweight and soft, it’s easy to cut, especially for those new to crafting.
  • Opt for super glue or wood glue to bond the balsa wood strips.
  • To transfer your design, trace it using charcoal or a heavy pencil.
  • Bring the sign to life with either paint or woodburning for the lettering.
  • For that authentic rustic touch, a light stain of watered-down brown paint works wonders on the balsa wood.

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