Easy Peter Rabbit Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Whether you’re looking to quickly update your home decor for Easter or subtly bring Peter Rabbit into your everyday style, here are four easy Peter Rabbit inspired home decor ideas to get you started.

Update your throw pillows. There’s no faster way to update a room than changing out your pillowcases. Switch them out with whites and pastel blues, or buy a long piece of Peter Rabbit patterned fabric–look in the nursery/ kids section of your fabric store. If you’re short on time or don’t trust your sewing skills, use a ‘gift wrapping’ technique to create no-sew pillows, following these instructions.

Alternatively, if you want them to hold up a little bit longer, iron on tape also works wonders!

Use Peter Rabbit cookie cutters to make Easter decorations. How many ways can you use a cookie cutter? Using lightweight paper clay and Peter Rabbit cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma (available during Easter), I ended up with an elegant Easter tree with Peter Rabbit silhouettes. Punch holes in the top with a skewer before drying in a low heat oven, then thread with white ribbon to hang. These same clay decorations can also be used as gift tags, or strung together, bunting style, for your mantle. So many options!

While I used a recently pruned tree branch with its green leaves still on, those in colder climates can take a dead branch and coat it with white acrylic paint.

Bring in the garden. With The Tale of Peter Rabbit set mostly in Mr McGregor’s garden, the best way to bring springtime in, is to bring flowers and vegetables into your house.


Whole heads of speciality lettuce can be displayed in white pots or white wooden crates. Not only does it keep with the theme, but it’s also a whole lot more price conscious too! Where I live, speciality lettuce comes with roots still on, so they can be placed in water and last a while as decoration.

Cottage style flowers dot each room in our house with Easter daisies delicately styled on side tables and mantles, and pots of geraniums looking like straight out of the pages of Beatrix Potter’s illustrations. However inspiration can come beyond the Tale of Peter Rabbit– The Tale of Tom Kitten has an array of flowers, as does the Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck.

Finish off by updating your containers. Glass jars filled with white river pebbles or country style milk pitchers make good flower vases when channelling Mrs Rabbit’s burrow. If you’re leaning towards Mr McGregor’s garden style, place flowers in terracotta pots of different sizes.

Note: If you have young children, cats or dogs in the house, choose your plants wisely, as some plants can be toxic or poisonous.

Use but contain the trinkets. Have lots of cute little do-dads? They might be Peter Rabbit figurines, or in my case, little terracotta pots with a little lettuce seedling and a little white watering can, inspired by Mr McGregor. To keep my mantle from looking cluttered with bits and bobs, I filled a white wooden crate with natural wooden basket filler, stood it up right and arranged my items within the box. The end result is your cute trinkets on display but in a frame.

I hope that armed with these easy Peter Rabbit inspired home decor ideas, you feel encouraged to attempt some decorating in your own place. I would love to see what you come up with– please tag me @brytontaylorin your Instagram photos!

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