4 Easy Peter Rabbit Table Setting Ideas

4 Easy Peter Rabbit Table Setting Ideas

Whether you’re planning a Peter Rabbit-themed baby shower or a delightful Easter brunch, effortlessly transform your dining space into the world of Beatrix Potter. Here are four simple Peter Rabbit table-setting ideas with different color palettes to choose from.

From the classic blue and white of Peter’s jacket to the vibrant greens of Mr. McGregor’s garden, these details capture the whimsy of our favorite characters but also offer practical tips to recreate the look yourself. Perfect for the beginner host, follow the steps and you can recreate these scenes at home!

Let’s hop into the details!

Peter Rabbit is a perfect theme for:
  • Easter
  • Baby Showers
  • Birthdays

Peter Rabbit Character Cutouts

An essential item is the Meri Meri Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt kit., featuring Peter Rabbit, Mr. McGregor, and Jemima Puddle-duck. These characters make perfect centrepieces for any theme and can be reused annually.

Quick Tip: Can’t find the kit?

Photocopy and enlarge illustrations from your copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, then attach them to white foam board for sturdy support. Get started with a free Peter Rabbit cutout for A3.

Blue and White Peter Rabbit Theme

Inspired by the classic blue and white of Peter’s iconic jacket, this theme pairs pastel blues with crisp whites, accentuated with plants in soft green tones. A versatile color palette for a variety of gatherings, from traditional Peter Rabbit boy baby showers to simple yet elegant springtime brunches.

Supplies List
Peter Rabbit Details:
  • Crisp white cotton tablecloth
  • Medium-large sized white bowl
  • 2 Medium sized white bowls
  • Wormwood
  • Sage
  • Paper towels
  • Small sandwich bags
table Place settings:
  • White napkins
  • White dinner plates
  • White side plates
  • Pastel blue side plates and bowls (original brand: Kmart)
  • Egg cups (original brand: Lakeland)
  • Cutlery

Pull It All Together

Build Your Peter Rabbit Table Centrepiece
  • Napkins as Structure: Fold two white napkins and place them in a medium-sized white bowl. Between the napkins, place the Peter Rabbit cut-out figure upright.
  • Arrange Greenery: Select cuttings of wormwood and sage to echo pastel theme. Wrap bases of cuttings in wet paper towels and secure them in small sandwich bags to prevent wilting while keeping the cardboard cutout dry.
  • Position Cuttings: Tuck cuttings in front and behind Peter Rabbit cutout.
  • Add Final Touches: Slip pastel blue eggs around the cutout to complete the centerpiece.

Choose your centrepieces carefully. If children are at an age where they tend to put items in their mouth, it may be wise to avoid plants such as wormwood. A more suitable theme may be Mr McGregor’s Garden theme.

  • Arrange Side Bowls: Position smaller white bowls on either side of Peter Rabbit centerpiece. Use double-sided tape to wrap and secure picket fence cupcake wrappers around bowls (trim as necessary). Fill bowls with currant buns.
  • Tuck smaller bowls, filled with mini milk chocolate candy eggs.
  • Incorporate Garland: Weave two blue and green egg garlands around bowls and main centerpiece.
  • Adjust for Table Size: For larger table settings, replicate the arrangement of bowls filled with wormwood and sage (excluding the Peter Rabbit figure), bowls filled with currant buns and bowls with pastel eggs, on both sides of the centerpiece.
Table Place Setting
  • Layer the Plates: Place a white dinner plate at each setting. Add a pastel blue side plate on top, then neatly fold a white napkin and place on the side plate. Complete this stack with a pastel blue bowl.
  • Arrange Egg Cups: Instead of the traditional placement on top of plates, position egg cups to the side on a small white plate.
  • Gift Bags as Place Cards: Use Meri Meri Peter Rabbit gift bags as dual-purpose place cards. Fill each bag with white tissue paper and a small gift, placing them at each setting for your guests.

Shop the Blue and White Peter Rabbit Theme

Yellow Peter Rabbit Theme

Inspired by the freshness of spring, this yellow and white Peter Rabbit theme is ideal for gender-neutral baby showers and Easter brunches.

Supplies List
Peter Rabbit Details:
  • White cotton tablecloth
  • Tall white pitcher
  • 2 x medium sized white bowls
  • White cake stand
  • 2 x Easter daisies
  • 2 x pots of parsley
table Place settings:
  • White dinner plates
  • Egg cups
  • Mini and small saucers
  • Cutlery

Pull It All Together

Build Your Table Centrepiece
  • Prep the Base: Choose a simple white pitcher and fill with water.
  • Add Floral Touches: Place yellow and white Easter daisies in the pitcher for a rustic, country feel and add height to the table setup.
  • Incorporate Greenery: Flank the pitcher with two white bowls, each containing a pot of fresh parsley.
  • Garden Party Protectors: Serving your food outside? Use Peter Rabbit cupcake wrappers to cover small yogurt cups as individual covers from the bugs! Arrange on a large white cake stand to create a feature piece.
Table Place Setting
  • Begin with the Base: Unfold a patterned Peter Rabbit paper napkin and use as a placemat for each setting.
  • Arrange the Plates: Place a large circular dinner plate directly on the napkin. Place a square Peter Rabbit paper plate on top, allowing the rounded edges of the dinner plate to peek out
  • Position the Egg Cups: Egg cups are traditionally placed on the main plate… but then you’d be blocking the cute Peter Rabbit plate design! Create a layered look with little egg cups on mini and small saucers to the side of the main plate, where a water glass would typically be located.

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Mr. McGregor’s Garden Theme

Bring Mr. McGregor’s iconic garden that Peter Rabbit famously explored to the table. Perfect for birthdays of any age or spring garden parties, this set up features edible plants, gardening tools, and terracotta pieces that would be found in Mr. McGregor’s well-tended vegetable patches.

Supplies List
Peter Rabbit Details:
  • Tall white pitcher
  • 2 x medium sized white bowls
  • Brown twine
  • Ice water and ice cubes
  • 2 x butterhead lettuce
  • 2 bunches baby carrots
  • Wooden skewers
table Place settings:
  • White dinner plates
  • White side plates
  • Rustic placemats
  • Cutlery

  • Terracotta pot bases
  • Egg cups
  • Mini and small saucers
  • Mini cloches

Pull It All Together

Build Mr McGregor’s Garden Table Centrepiece

Create a fresh and natural centerpiece inspired by Mr. McGregor’s garden using fresh vegetables and simple garden elements.

  • Prepare the Base: Fill medium-sized white bowls and a pitcher with ice water, adding a few ice cubes to keep the water chilled and vegetables fresh.
  • Arrange the Vegetables: Place butterhead lettuce with roots attached into bowls. For visual interest, boost carrots in the pitcher so they peek above the rim. Extra large ice cubes can be used to prop up.
  • Secure the Vegetables: Loosely wrap brown twine around carrot stems to keep bundled together.
  • Add Character Cutouts: Insert wooden skewers into lettuce to anchor the character cutouts securely. Place the Mr. McGregor cutout in one bowl and Peter Rabbit popping out of a watering can in the other.
  • Final Placement: Position the pitcher filled with carrots at the center of the table, flanked by lettuce-filled bowls to frame.
BuilD Mr McGregor’s Garden Table Place Setting
  • Start with the Base: Place rustic placemats on the table to set a natural, earthy foundation.
  • Layer Elements: Stack a small side plate on top of a large dinner plate. Place a mini wooden cutting board on the side plate.
  • Mini Terracotta Pot as Butter Holder: Line a mini terracotta pot with a white cupcake wrapper and fill with pats of butter.
  • Include Cutlery and Bread: Finish with a mini butter knife and two small slices of brown wholemeal bread. If bread slices are too large, cut in half to fit on the board.
  • To complement the mini terracotta pots holding butter, use a small terracotta pot base to hold a mini plate, egg cup, and top with a mini glass cloche. (Tip: check cloche height vs egg cup + egg height before purchasing.)

Shop Mr McGregor’s Garden Theme

Colorful Peter Rabbit Theme (for Little Ones)

Designed with little ones in mind, this colorful Peter Rabbit table set up features smaller, vibrant dishes that are just the right size for young guests.

Supplies List
Peter Rabbit Details:
  • Small watering can
  • White dinner plate
  • Parsley
  • Baby cos lettuce leaves
  • Picket fencing cupcake wrappe
table Place settings:
  • Ikea’s DUKTIG 8-piece plate/bowl playset, mixed colours
  • Ikea’s DUKTIG 8-piece cup/saucer playset, mixed colours (note: styles have since changed)
Set Colorful Peter Rabbit Table Place Setting for kids
  • Centerpiece Detail: Fill a mini watering can with lettuce leaves and place a mini Peter Rabbit figure inside it. Surround can with white picket fence cupcake wrappers (trim and attach as required), and set on a layer of fresh parsley.
  • Gift Bags for Guests: Fill Peter Rabbit-themed gift bags with goodies and place one at each child’s setting. Alternatively, leave them empty to be used during an Easter egg hunt or birthday treasure hunt.
  • Create Placemats: Use colorful paper napkins as disposable placemats.
  • Hide Treats: Hide little treats in bowls, covered with cupcake wrappers.
  • Decorative Easter Eggs: Fold and wrap napkins around dyed or large chocolate Easter eggs and tie them off to mimic bunny ears.

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Now with your head full of Peter Rabbit brunch table setting options, click on over to the main Peter Rabbit page to get ideas for your brunch menu!

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