Easy Peter Rabbit Brunch Table Setting Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a Peter Rabbit themed baby shower or an Easter brunch, here are three easy brunch table setups to inspire you, plus a table set up for children using an Ikea teaset.

The one item we use across three of the four tables is the Meri Meri Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt kit. With Peter Rabbit, Mr McGregor, and Jemima Puddle-duck included, there are characters for your centrepieces regardless of which theme you choose and reuse year after year.

Can’t find the kit? Photocopy and enlarge the illustrations from your copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and attach to white foam board for support.

Blue and white Peter Rabbit brunch table

You’ll need:

  • crisp white cotton tablecloth
  • 2 x Morgan and Finch berry and egg garland in blue/green
  • medium-large sized white bowl
  • medium sized white bowl
  • 2 x small white bowls
  • wormwood and sage cuttings
  • paper towels
  • small sandwich bags
  • Peter Rabbit from Meri Meri Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt kit
  • white dinner plates
  • Wilton picket fence cupcake wrappers
  • pastel blue side plates and bowls (Kmart)
  • white napkins
  • white side plates
  • Lakeland egg cups
  • cutlery
  • Meri Meri Peter Rabbit gift bags with white tissue paper and gift

To make the Peter Rabbit centrepiece:

Take a medium sized white bowl. Fold a white napkin or two in the bowl to hold the Peter Rabbit cut-out figure upright. Take cuttings of wormwood and sage to carry through the pastel tones. To keep the cuttings from wilting, but avoiding the cardboard cut out from getting damp, wrap the cutting bases in wet paper towels and place in small sandwich bags. Tuck these in the bowl, keeping the Peter Rabbit cut out in the centre of the bowl. Finish off by slipping in pastel blue eggs.

Place smaller white bowls on either side of the centrepiece, wrapping and taping with double sided tape with Wilton’s picket fence cupcake wrapper (trim to fit where required). Fill with currant buns.

The smallest bowl is slipped between the centrepiece and this bowl and filled. Ideally these would be pastel coloured eggs for eating, however smaller pastel candy eggs are another option.

Weave two blue and green berry and egg garlands around the bowls and centrepiece.

Note: if hosting a larger table, repeat the bowl of wormwood and sage (excluding Peter Rabbit) and the bowls of currant buns and pastel eggs on both sides of the centrepiece.

Table setting:

Start with your white dinner plates, layer with a pastel blue side plate, fold a white napkin on top, then finish with a pastel blue bowl. While egg cups are traditionally placed on top of the plates, I placed mine (Lakeland egg cups) to the side on a small white plate.

Meri Meri Peter Rabbit gift bags are used as place cards, stuffed with white tissue paper and a little gift for your guests.

Yellow Peter Rabbit brunch table

You’ll need:

  • white tablecloth
  • tall white pitcher
  • 2 x medium sized white bowls
  • 2 bunches of Easter daisies
  • 2 x pots of parsley
  • Meri Meri Peter Rabbit paper plates
  • Meri Meri Peter Rabbit paper napkins
  • white dinner plates
  • Meri Meri Peter Rabbit cupcake kit
  • glasses
  • white cake stand
  • white teapot and tea cups on long white platter
  • white egg cups
  • mini spoons
  • mini and small saucers
  • cutlery

To make the centrepiece:

The centrepiece is kept simple, using the yellow of Easter daisies to tie into the yellow elements of the Peter Rabbit items we’ll be using. The daisies are slipped into a pitcher of water for a country feel. Two pots of parsley sit on either side in white bowls for a fresh look.

Table setting:

Unfold the patterned Meri Meri Peter Rabbit paper napkin and lay down as a placemat. Place your large circular dinner plate on top, then layer with the square Peter Rabbit paper plate (the rounded edges of the dinner plate should peek out). 

Little egg cups are layered on a mini and small saucer and placed where the water glass would normally sit. Egg cups are normally placed on the plate, however this would cover up the paper plate design.

Use Meri Meri Peter Rabbit cupcake wrappers to cover little cups of yogurt, placed on a large white cake stand.

Mr McGregor and Peter Rabbit brunch table

You’ll need:

  • tall white pitcher
  • 2 x medium sized white bowls
  • 2 x speciality lettuce
  • 2 bunches of baby carrots
  • brown twine
  • ice water and ice cubes
  • rustic placemats
  • white dinner plates
  • white side plates
  • mini wooden cutting boards
  • mini butter knives
  • mini terracotta pots
  • white cupcake liners
  • glasses
  • mini cloches
  • mini saucers
  • white egg cups
  • terracotta pot bases
  • cutlery
  • Meri Meri Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt kit
  • wooden skewers

To make the centrepiece:

Vegetables straight from Mr McGregor’s garden make up the centrepiece for this brunch table. Fill the medium sized white bowls and the pitcher with ice water and toss in a few ice cubes to keep the water chilled and the leaves and stems perky. Place the speciality lettuce in the medium sized bowls—our lettuce has their roots still attached—and slip the carrots into the pitcher—you might need to boost the carrots up to have them show above the pitcher line.

Use some brown twine to wrap around the carrot stems loosely to keep them together.

Press wooden skewers into the lettuce and place the Mr McGregor cut out in one, and Petter Rabbit popping into the watering can into the other lettuce—the skewers keep them from tipping over.

Place the pitcher in the centre of the table and frame it with the lettuce on either side.

Table setting:

Lay out the rustic placemats, layer with the large dinner plate, then a side plate on top. This plate will support the mini wooden cutting board on top. Finish off with a mini terracotta pot, lined with a piece of white cupcake wrapper and filled with pats of butter. Team this with a mini butter knife and two little slices of brown wholemeal bread. If you’re bread is too big, slice in half.

To match the mini terracotta pots, we use a small terracotta pot base to hold a mini saucer, mini egg cup, and topped with a mini glass cloche.

Looking for one final table set up especially for the kids? Use a combination of the Meri Meri Peter Rabbit items with an Ikea DUKTIG 10-piece coffee/tea set (enough for 4 children).

  • Paper napkins create placemats and cupcake wrappers hide little Easter egg treats in the bowl.
  • A mini watering can is filled with lettuce leaves and holds a mini Peter Rabbit. The Wilton white picket fence cupcake wrapper surrounds the watering can and sits on top of a layer of fresh parsley.
  • Napkins are wrapped and tied around an Easter egg to look like bunny ears.
  • Peter Rabbit gift bags are filled with goodies for each children’s place or can be left empty to be used for their Easter egg hunt.

Now with your head full of Peter Rabbit brunch table setting options, click on over to the main Peter Rabbit page to get ideas for your brunch menu!

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