Fish Finger Sandwich | Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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  • 34 battered fish fingers, frozen
  • 2 slices of white bread
  • 2 pieces of lettuce, washed (butter lettuce is my preference)
  • tartare sauce
  • butter [optional]


  1. Cook fish fingers according to box’s directions.
  2. Once cooked, if preferred, butter both pieces of bread.
  3. Place a piece of lettuce on one, top with a good squiggle of tartare sauce.
  4. Line the 3-4 pieces of fish fingers side by side on top of the lettuce.
  5. Squeeze another squiggle of tartare sauce on top of the fish fingers.
  6. Place the other piece of lettuce on top, then the piece of bread.
  7. You’re ready to eat!