Willy Wonka Series; Rock Candy Mine

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  • 2 cups water
  • 4 cups white sugar
  • flavouring
  • food colouring
  • wooden skewers
  • narrow water glasses x 5
  • tall shotglass


  1. In 4 water glasses, drop in some food flavouring (the amounts you’ll have to decide based on the brands/concentration amount in the bottle) and colouring. Do not put flavouring or colour in the tall shotglass or the fifth water glass.
  2. In a saucepan, stir together the water and sugar until dissolved.
  3. Let boil (until ~210F) then continue to boil for another minute (~225F).
  4. Remove from heat for a few minutes, then pour into the four water glasses with flavouring and colouring and the shotglass.
  5. IMPORTANT: You must let the water glasses with sugar water sit and cool until room temperature, otherwise the sugar won’t attach to the sticks.
  6. Angle the shotglass and dip wooden skewers into the sugar mixture to coat.
  7. Roll the wooden skewer in white sugar, and set aside to dry.
  8. Once dry, take one clean skewer, lay it across the top of the empty water glass that isn’t being used for sugar. Take two sugared sticks and use some masking tape to attach them to the stick laying across the glass.
  9. Continue until there is one for each glass of sugar water.
  10. creating sugar sticks for rock candy mine
  11. Making sure the sugar syrup is cooled, place a sugar stick into each glass with sugar water.
  12. Set aside where the glasses won’t get knocked.
  13. Place a loosely woven cotton cloth over the glasses to keep dust out and let sit for at least a week while the sugar crystallises to the sticks.
  14. In a week, come back and remove the sticks from the glasses.
  15. Let dry on a plate of white sugar before serving.
  16. Additionally you could roll in citric acid for a sour effect.


Make sure you follow the recipe closely. If the sugar water is too warm when you place the sticks in, this recipe won’t work!
Additionally, knocking or disrupting the glasses while they sit for a week can interrupt the sugar attaching to the sticks.