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Willy Wonka Series; Fizzy Lemonade Swimming Pools


– Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl

Wonka Fizzy Lemonade Swimming Pool by Food in Literature

Lemonade. It’s a key summer time treat that we happily gulp down.

But you know what makes it even more fun?

Drinking it out of a swimming pool, complete with big long drinking straws.

Bryton Taylor drinks Wonka Fizzy Lemonade Swimming Pool Food in Literature


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Willy Wonka Series; Fizzy Lemonade Swimming Pools

  • Author: Bryt @ InLiterature.net


  • 5.2L white sugar
  • 5L lemon juice
  • 11.25 soda water
  • 18.75L tap water


  1. We made this batch by batch, so in a very big saucepan pour in 2 cups water and 3.5 cups white sugar.
  2. Heat up and stir until the sugar dissolves.
  3. Add in the 3.5 cups of lemon juice, 2 L of tap water and 1.25L of soda water.
  4. Give it a stir and pour into the swimming pool.
  5. Continue to make the additional batches.
  6. Once it’s all added together, give it a good stir to mix.


Wash out the brand new swimming pool before using. I used bicarb soda and water, and rinsed well.


The long drinking straws (Amazon Affiliate link to Amazon.co.uk)

Wonka Fizzy Lemonade Swimming Pool for the ultimate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory summer party!

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