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Willy Wonka Series; Strawberry Juice Water Pistols


-(one of the buttons in Wonka’s glass elevator), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl

Wonka's Strawberry Juice Water Pistol | www.FoodinLiterature.com

Strawberries. Fingertips stained, lips beestung in colour.

Jumping over water sprinklers, posed, waiting for the next strike. Rolling, crouching, waiting to launch yourself at your opponent (most likely your unsuspecting brother or sister), armed with water bombs or water pistols.

It’s like the epitome of summer.

Toss them together and you’ve got uber coolness- a strawberry juice water pistol.

Use a juicer if possible as it’ll remove the tiny seeds from the strawberry. The seeds will┬ájam a small water pistol.

No juicer? Go with a┬ásugar syrup and strawberry flavouring. You’ll get a sticky mess either way.

Strawberry Juice

You’ll need:

punnet of strawberries

Wash a punnet of strawberries, and chop off the green tops.

Push through a juicer on low, and pour into a water pistol (wash before use).

Strawberry Syrup

You’ll need:

1 cup water

1.5 cups white sugar

strawberry essence

red food dye

Boil 1 cup water and stir in 1.5 cups white sugar until dissolved. Place in a few drops of strawberry essence and a drop of red essence (two if you want it stronger in colour). Stir and set aside to cool before filling water pistols.

*Note: Don’t wear white clothing unless you want it stained!!

Download free printable packaging for Wonka Strawberry Juice Water Pistol; Top Box

Download free printable packaging for Wonka Strawberry Juice Water Pistol; Bottom Box

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