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Wonka’s Three-Course Dinner Gum

This piece of gum I’ve just made happens to be tomato soup, roast beef, and blueberry pie, but you can have almost anything you want!’

-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl

Three course dinner chewing gum is one of the memorable foods in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And if you’re planning on throwing a Wonka party, it’s a party favour you need to include!

But how? Three courses of dinner in one stick? It’s loony! It’s batty! Without some technology, I suppose it would be pretty tricky. But what is possible is three different sticks of gum packaged up as one.

Each stick represents one of the meals and is created using dehydrated flavours or liquids.

‘Fabulous!’ shouted Violet. ‘It’s tomato soup! It’s hot and creamy and delicious! I can feel it running down my throat!’

-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl
  • tomato soup = dehydrated tomato soup powder
  • roast beef= finely sliced roast beef for sandwiches is dehydrated and ground up. The potato flavouring is created using instant (dehydrated) mashed potato. Butter flavour can be added using liquid flavouring from baking stores.
  • blueberry pie= liquid blueberry flavour found in baking stores

‘It’s changing!’ shouted Violet, chewing and grinning both at the same time. ‘The second course is coming up! It’s roast beef! It’s tender and juicy! Oh boy, what a flavour! The baked
potato is marvellous, too! It’s got a crispy skin and it’s all filled with butter inside!’

-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl

‘Blueberry pie and cream!’

-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl

Wonka’s Three-Course Dinner Gum

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  • Author: Bryton Taylor
  • Yield: 1/4 lb


gum making kit [kit includes gum pellets, corn syrup, powdered sugar]*
liquid blueberry flavouring**

powdered Cup-of-Soup mix [tomato flavour]- 80g sachet

instant (dehydrated) mashed potato

thinly sliced roast beef [for sandwiches]

You’ll also need:*

wax paper

disposable, microwavable mixing containers

wooden stirring sticks

coffee grinder


Dehydrate roast beef slices

Turn on oven to 100C. Place roast beef slices on a baking tray and place in oven for 1-2 hours until the meat is dry. The meat is ready when it feels crispy with no flexibility to any part.***

Break meat into rough chunks with your fingers.

Wipe out the coffee grinder before placing in the meat.

Grind meat until it becomes a fine powder. You don’t want any larger flecks so either blend until powder or remove before using.

Store it into an airtight container in a cool, dark place until you’re ready for use. 

Making the Gum

As we are making three separate gum flavours, split bubble gum kit ingredients into three, discarding the bubble gum flavouring.

~14g pellets, 38g powdered sugar and ~1 tsp corn syrup

Lay down 30cm of wax paper to cover your work space.

Pour out powdered sugar onto the wax paper and make a well in the centre.

In the disposable cup, put in the 14g of pellets, 1tsp of corn syrup, and 1/3tsp of your flavour. Put the cup into the microwave and zap it in 10 sec increments until gum ingredients have melted [total time typically 20-30 sec]

With the wooden spoon, stir until mixed together.

Pour mixture into the powdered sugar well and stir with the wooden spoon.

Once the mixture is touchable and less sticky, pick it up with clean hands and knead it together.

Add a little line of food gel and knead until blended.

If the gum becomes too hard, place on a small piece of baking paper and microwave for 5 secs.

Roll out and cut into thin strips.

Clean up your space, toss out the used disposable cups and stirrers and start again with your next flavour with clean cups, paper and stirrers.

Wrap your gum strips in wax paper or foil to store. Complete your three course gum kit with the printable packaging. 


* Copernicus Bubblegum Kit can be purchased on Amazon. This kit does contain some wax paper, a wooden stir stick and a paper cup, however, you’ll need more for this recipe.

**You can find liquid blueberry flavouring in the cooking section or a beer making store. You can also make your own infusion with ¼ cup of vodka and blueberries, letting them soak for 1-2 weeks.

***Err on the side of caution and make sure all moisture is removed from roast beef to ensure food-borne microbes can’t grow.

Create the perfect party favor for your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory party, with this free printable gum wrapper packaging.

Disclaimer: Wonka, Nestlé, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl, etc, their product names, logos, brands and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. They are not affiliated, and do not endorse, or sponsor this blog, BrytonTaylor.com.
Please note the packaging offered for download is for private use only and cannot be sold.

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  1. I’m not too keen on savoury chewing gum, but this is such a fun concept, love how you’ve dehydrated the beef into a powder, I had no idea how to go about flavouring gum like that 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t normally munch on savoury gum either, the thought of bacon gum makes me have an ‘errrrrr’ moment. But Wonka gum? Had to give it a shot 🙂

  3. You’ll be fine making that number! It’ll actually be easier since you’ll end up doing a production line for them 🙂 Hope it works out well for you.

  4. Wow. Seriously, just wow. This is an amazing post Bryt, I am SO impressed that you made savoury chewing gum that actually looks appealing! The packaging is amazing too. I could completely imagine that little bundle of three in a specialty store! would love to give this process a go xx

    1. Thanks Laura, it was actually heaps of fun fiddling around in the kitchen. Suddenly you realise all these favourite flavours you could make!

  5. I was wondering how many pieces of gum the kit makes. If you could tell me, that would be awesome!

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