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Beauty and the Beast Ornate Chair Tutorial

Tutorial on how to easily make a Beauty and the Beats ornate chair for a dinner party.

Sometimes all it takes to perfectly pull together a theme for a dinner party, is just that one key piece. So today we’re making a Beauty and the Beast ornate chair that matches the Rococo/ Baroque style.

What you’ll need

From Ikea

UNG Drill picture frame

A chair base. If just for a party, the ADDE chair is affordable to work with

Small pillow (for the stuffing)

Fabric store

Damask fabric

Hardware store

Gold spray paint

Epoxy resin (for permanent) or metal wire (if not permanent)


Beauty and the Beast ornate chair tutorial | prepping and sanding the frame

  1.        To start, lightly sandpaper the frame and the chair so the paint sticks and doesn’t peel off later.Beauty and the Beast tutorial | spray the gold paint in a well ventilated area.
  2. In a well ventilated area (outside), spray the gold paint all over the picture frame and chair frame. Do it in light layers, letting it dry in between. In some areas I left some areas more lightly coated than others so it wouldn’t look flat. Let dry completely.
  3. To put it together, turn the frame upside down and remove the centre part.
  4. Cut the fabric so it hangs over the picture frame edge.Beauty and the Beast tutorial | Evenly place stuffing in middle
  5. Place the stuffing so it’s even in the middle of the frame area.Beauty and the Beast tutorial | Place plastic centre back onBeauty and the Beast tutorial | Fold fabric into the middle
  6. Place the plastic back over the picture frame and tuck the fabric towards the centre.Beauty and the Beast tutorial | press clasps back on
  7. Place the cardboard backing over that, and press the clasps back on to hold it together.Beauty and the Beast tutorial | Attach frame to chair base using epoxy resin or metal wire
  8. Attach the headrest using either the epoxy resin or the wire frame. If using the ADDE chair, the inward dip helps support some of the frame.
  9. Finish off by creating a seat pillow cover using additional damask fabric and the additional stuffing.

Tutorial on how to easily and affordably make a Beauty and the Beast ornate chair for a dinner party.

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