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White Rabbit | Literary Fashion

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Easter is always the time for rabbits, and in this case, rabbits in literature. Our favourite is The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, and today he’s inspiring our literary fashion.

Tips for The White Rabbit’s fashion

The main trick is to team whites with different shades of greys. Make sure you include a well fitted vest, a pocket watch (in this case it comes in the form of a necklace), and if possible a piece of jewellery in the shape of a rabbit (we went with a simple silver rabbit ring). If you’re wearing a white top and pants, finish the look off with grey shoes and a handbag. Choose soft materials, like cotton and suede. While this is a sophisticated rabbit, he is at the end of the day a soft bunny! To balance the texture, try choosing the vest in a courser material.

Disclaimer: All fashion looks is for inspiration purpose only, and none of these items are actually owned by myself.

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