Alice in Wonderland; Drink Me Potion, Heston Blumenthal Style

“…so Alice ventured to taste it, and, finding it very nice (it had, in fact, a sort of mixed flavor of cherry-tart, custard, pine-apple, roast turkey, toffy, and hot buttered toast), she very soon finished it off.”
-Alice in Wonderland, Lewis CarrollThe authentic Drink Me potion recipe from Alice in Wonderland. Although if you're to make this yourself we suggest a few changes, this is the complete recipe if you made it exactly as is.

This super easy recipe is quick to mix together for an Alice in Wonderland party. Plus it uses flavours from the actual Drink Me potion so you're staying authentic.


Looking for a quick and easy party version?

Try this Drink Me Potion recipe instead.




The authentic version should read ‘Don’t Drink Me’ potion.

Cherry tart, Custard, Pineapple, Toffy, Hot buttered toast. All delicious.

But then I hit roast turkey and nearly hurled on my mom’s kitchen floor.

Don’t get me wrong. I love turkey. Favourite meat ever. And I can stomach pretty much everything. But infuse milk with roast turkey, and the effect is like drinking the smell of a rotting carcass. My gag reflex and memory may be healed just in time for Thanksgiving.


Or I might find myself eating pumpkin pie for dinner.

Heston must’ve used a different process, since his guests didn’t seem to recoil, but for all the other flavours, this milk infusing process worked wonderfully.

However, regardless of how terrible the turkey flavour was, here is the entire process I used.

Disclaimer: If you follow the recipe, you do so at your own risk. This is the process I took as I’m sure there are others like me who will want to give it a go and it’ll give you some base. However, I take no responsibility for your process or outcome.

Alice in Wonderland; Drink Me Potion, Heston Blumenthal Style

  Step One

Start by prepping by:

  1. Baking a cherry tart
  2. Making or buying custard
  3. Chop up a pineapple, or pull aside a can
  4. Roast a turkey. Hello Sunday dinner. It was great before I infused it! I’m wondering what would’ve happened if I had used cold turkey slices. However, wanting to keep this authentic, roast turkey it was.
  5. Buy or make toffy
  6. Have the bread (in my case, gluten free) ready to toast and the butter ready to slather it

Alice in Wonderland; Drink Me Potion, Heston Blumenthal Style
  Step Two

I made mine on a mini scale and used small glass containers that would’ve held 30-40ml each. I used glass throughout since it doesn’t hold flavour as much as plastic does (from my experience anyway ). Each glass jar was labelled and filled with each ingredient. Cherry tart in one, custard in another etc.

  Step Three

When you have all your ‘ingredients’ together, heat one cup of milk until hot (not scalding), then fill each container until full. Stir (Use a wooden skewer for each so flavours wouldn’t mix).

Alice in Wonderland; Drink Me Potion, Heston Blumenthal Style

  Step Four

Seal the containers and pop them in the fridge. I know this question will come up, can you heat milk then chill it? I googled it, and they use that process for yogurt making, so I’m going to assume so (although I take no responsibility if someone doesn’t do well). On a good note, I gave myself up as a guinea pig, and I didn’t get sick when I drank it, so…

  Step Five

Leave overnight (8-12 hours)

  Step Six

Strain milk of cherry tart into another glass container. Either leave the labelled container next to it, or re-label so you don’t confuse them! If you’re going for authentic, you’ll want them in the right order. Repeat with each ingredient until all milk is separated. Discard the

  Step Seven

Using a syringe, for control, put 3 drops of pink food colouring into each glass. Stir (using separate wooden skewers for each!)

Alice in Wonderland; Drink Me Potion, Heston Blumenthal Style

  Step Eight

Next, in a mug, mix a 10g packet of gelatin with 1 cup hot water. Stir well. Yes, it reeks. No, it doen’t have any taste. Yes, it’s pig skin. And quite frankly, if you’re actually planning on making this with roast turkey, gelatin isn’t something you should be getting sqweamish about.

  Step Nine

Add about 4 tbsp of dissolved gelatin to each milk glass. (Google note: yes gelatin and milk are fine together. Apparently they are compatible thanks to the milk protein)

  Step Ten

Stir each glass well, cover with plastic wrap or lid and place back in fridge until slightly solidified (~two hours).

Alice in Wonderland; Drink Me Potion, Heston Blumenthal Style

  Step Eleven

Prepare your container. I used two different ones. For a traditional look, I used a cleaned vanilla bottle. For a more whimsical container, I used a oil and vinegar bottle that has two openings ($10 from a pretty homeware store up the road from us).

  Step Twelve

When the gelatin is set, give it a good stir to break it up. Fill a syringe with one mixture. Remember the order goes:

roast turkey
hot buttered toast.

  Step Thirteen

To get the mixtures into the jar without splattering up the sides, I placed the syringe into one end of a straw, and the other end of the straw where I wanted the mixture to go. This will allow you to layer neatly, with next to no mixing of flavours.

Alice in Wonderland; Drink Me Potion, Heston Blumenthal Style

  Step Fourteen

Clean the syringe with hot water between each filling of the flavours.

  Step Fifteen

Repeat the layering with each flavour until complete.

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  1. This seems like such a lot of hard work, Bryt! The custard and cherry tart aspects of this I could certainly get into. Not sure how all of this would combine. You’re crazy ambitious to faithfully recreate these items.

  2. How many grams was the gelatin packet? and how much hot water?
    This is the part I am worried about – what if it sets like jello and can’t be drunk through a straw like Heston’s was. did you have this problem?

  3. Hi Yulia,
    I’ve adjusted the post so others have answers to the same question. The gelatine packet is 10g, mixed into a 1 cup of hot water. 4 tbsp of that mixture is added to each flavour. If you were to add the whole packet to the drink, yes it would set like jello, however the whole cup of gelatin in water isn’t used. I found it thickened just enough to be more smooth custard consistency, drinkable but also easy to layer.. .

  4. What a fun experiment! I am wondering if you could have roasted the Turkey like this recipe: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/chicken-recipes/chicken-in-milk/#6o6DDjY7d7k8YhHu.97 and then the herbs (that remind you of turkey, like sage, rosemary, and thyme.), etc. would have made the roast turkey flavor more tolerable, although I am not sure how you roasted the turkey to begin with.
    I love that you added gelatin to make them “stackable”. Tell me, did you taste the entire thing once it was all in the bottle?

  5. You should try this again, but don’t infuse the turkey with milk. I know you did every other flavor with milk, but you can do the turkey differently. You can do roasted turkey broth instead.

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