Ogden’s Old Firewhisky | Harry Potter

‘You know what’ Ron murmured, looking over at the bar with enthusiasm. ‘We could order anything we liked in here. I bet that bloke would sell us anything, he wouldn’t care. I’ve always wanted to try Firewhiskey–‘

‘You – are – a – prefect.’ snarled Hermione.

‘Oh,’ said Ron, the smile fading from his face. ‘Yeah…’

– J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The inspiration for Firewhisky came from a bottle of Fireball, a cinnamon flavoured whisky. While I never did get around to tasting their version, a browse online gave me some direction to make my own blend. I adjusted amounts and left out the chili, leaving me with a smooth, subtle yet spicy blend. Those more daring might enjoy adding back in the chili for a more fiery kick. Even if you’re not a fan of whisky, the addition of brown sugar and cinnamon, makes this version of Ogden’s Old Firewhisky very drinkable.


Ogden’s Olde Firewhisky recipe | Harry Potter

ogdens olde fire whiskey recipe | Harry Potter | Food in Literature

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  • Author: Bryton Taylor; Food in Literature
  • Yield: 250ml 1x


Units Scale
  • 250ml Canadian Club whiskey
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 heaped tbsp brown sugar


  1. Taking a brand new 250ml bottle of Canadian Club whisky, pour just a smidgen out of the bottle to make room for the additional ingredients.
  2. Place the cinnamon sticks and the brown sugar into the bottle, close the lid and shake.
  3. Let it rest in a dark cupboard for about a week, longer for a more intense flavour.
  4. Test taste and adjust sugar to your palate.
  5. Strain all the ingredients and pour the whisky blend back into the bottle.


This Firewhisky was inspired by the recipe on FirstWeFeast.com

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