How To Make: Harry Potter Hogwart’s Great Hall Cutlery

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  • a cutlery set (preferably with a narrow handle if you want it to stay attached or a metal head with plastic handle so it can be snapped off.
  • air dry clay
  • acrylic paint in black as well as a metallic paint to mix in for a metal finish.


  1. If using a plastic handled cutlery set wiggle the metal end back and forth until it snaps off.
  2. Take some airdry clay and roll out a big long roll about x cm thick and x cm long.
  3. Slice into three even sections.
  4. Press the metal end of the fork, knife and spoon into one end of each of the clay rolls. Press the clay around the end to seal it together.
  5. On the other end of the clay, taper it slightly and curl the ends (as seen in photo). Use water to both smooth the texture as well as help the ‘curl’ end stick together better.
  6. Let dry for 24 hours.
  7. Mix up some black acrylic paint with, if you have some, a metallic paint in a dark colour. It’ll give the cutlery set a bit of metallic shine.
  8. Paint and let dry on some baking paper.
  9. You can finish it off with some glue to help seal it.