Emma | Jane Austen (Food Reference List)

Food mentioned in Emma by Jane Austen


 half glass of wine in a tumbler of water tea
 coffee  spruce-beer
 Madeira and water


fish  chicken
 minced chicken  scalloped oysters
 small basin of thin gruel  very soft boiled egg
 goose  Stilton cheese
 butter  celery
 roast mutton  sweetbread
 asparagus  soup
 sandwiches  walnuts
 pigeon-pies  cold lamb
 cold meat  beet-root
 North Wiltshire (cheese)


wedding-cake  apple-tarts
 custard  rice pudding
 sweet-cake  muffin
 gingerbread  baked apples (baked three times)
 apple-dumplings  cream
 biscuits  rout-cakes

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