Hobbit Seed Tray Box Printables

While the weather is cooling for some, others are celebrating the beginning of spring. The thought of planting our heirloom tomatoes is leaving our mouth watering and our fingers are twitching to get into the dirt and plant some carrots, radishes and beetroot.

For some of you, you might want to venture into the world of gardening with some herbs that you can use to boost the flavour of your meals. Or if you’re really certain your thumb is as black as they come, try growing sprouts in your kitchen.

To make your garden feel more like Hobbiton, I’ve created two templates so you can update your seed tray and seed storage box.

The walnut template is inspired by the Hobbiton in New Zealand. Balanced on a bench alongside some pumpkins, I spotted these little trays amongst a little orchard, with seedlings growing waiting to be transplanted. 

  • Whether you use the trays to hold peet pots or dig dirt straight into the wood tray, just reminder to clean and dry the tray well after transplanting your seedlings. The trays will last for several growing seasons.
  • If choosing to plant your seedlings into the tray directly, just remember to use a wood that hasn’t been treated– you don’t want anything toxic leaching into your seedlings. It would completely defeat the purpose of growing your own vegetables, wouldn’t it?

The seed storage box template is inspired by Samwise Gamgee’s dad, Hamfast Gamgee, who was a gardener before Sam. Transfer the image to a box of your choice that will keep your seeds cool and dry until you’re ready to start planting!

After a little trial and error, the best process for transferring images to wood seems to be using freezer paper.

  • Download the mirrored images using the download button above, and print on the shiny side of freezer paper.
  • If the wood is rough, you’ll want to sand beforehand for a smooth transfer.
  • Press the paper down onto the wood and don’t shift the page.
  • Take a sharp end like a card and rub to transfer the image across.
  • Spray with acrylic to coat.

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