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DIY Literary Doormat

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Our home reflects who we are, so it only makes sense to extend our style to our front door. Follow along today with this easy DIY literary doormat tutorial. I’ve included a template for a Hobbit themed doormat, however it’s easy to design your own.

What you’ll need:

     or your own quote of choice
  • contact paper
  • extra plain A4 or A3 paper (optional: you’ll need this if your printer needs something to grab hold of)
  • scissors and/or x-acto knife
  • acrylic paint
  • brushes– I used small old eye makeup brushes to get the detail. The doormat material is quite difficult to paint otherwise.
  • pins


  1. Cut contact paper to printer size (either A4 or A3) and flatten with books if the edges curl upwards. Flatten contact paper -- DIY literary doormat project
  2. If your printer doesn’t do well with running contact paper through, use a bit of tape to attach plain paper to the shiny side to help the printer grip the contact paper as it goes through. attach paper to shiny contact paper side -- DIY literary doormat project
  3. Print your text out so it prints on the non shiny side, and prints in reverse.print words backwards- DIY literary doormat project
  4. Use scissors and/ or an x-acto knife to cut out the letters, and discard. You’ll be using the negative space you cut out. use knife to cut out letters-- DIY literary doormat project left negative space-- DIY literary doormat project
  5. Peel back the contact paper backing and press the adhesive side down onto the doormat. adhesive to mat --DIY literary doormat project press adhesive contact paper onto mat -- DIY literary doormat project
  6. If needed, use pins to hold the contact paper into place.
  7. Use your eye makeup brush to dab acrylic paint up and down into the negative space. Don’t make a sweeping motion, otherwise you might shift the contact paper edges and paint past the lines. use small eye makeup brush to dab paint on--DIY literary doormat project place in pins if the contact paper doesnt adhere well--DIY literary doormat project
  8. Remove the contact paper and pins, and let dry.

The link for the downloadable Hobbit text template was at the top of the page, but you can also click here –>  [download id=”13301″]

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    1. Once the acrylic dries, it’s waterproof. How weather proof it is will probably depend on where you have it? I’m still using the doormat and it’s holding up well.

  1. Lovely idea! Can you offer a source for the doormat itself, please? Im having difficulty determining what sort it might be. Many thanks!

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