Dr. No (James Bond) | Ian Fleming (Food Reference List)


Food mentioned in Dr. No (James Bond)


whiskey and watertot of rum
 coffee Coca-Cola
a pint of Canadian club blended rye and some ice and soda water


 pineapple juice
 stiff bourbon and soda bourbon on the rocks



 salt fish and ackeeraw sugar cane
 ornate basket of fruit – tangerines, grapefruit, pink bananas, sour sop, star apples and even a couple of hothouse nectarines. salt pork
 bread and buttercaviar
 cheese bacon
 wild bananas sea urchins
 tins of Heinz pork and beans grilled kidney
 Scrambled eggs on toast English pork sausage
 marmalade, honey toast
 honey rolls
 strawberry jam cream
 grilled lamb cutlets salad
 Angels on horseback melon
 roast chicken à la anglaise three different soups
 vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce sandwiches
 cold lobster homemade mayonnaise


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