Grinch Christmas Countdown Calendar

Advent calendars come in all different shapes and sizes nowadays, many with little trinkets to look forward to each day. The calendar in the form we know is a tradition that’s been celebrated for the past 100-150 years and helps us celebrate the anticipation of Christmas. This year, I felt I needed something to help me acknowledge each day to help keep myself grounded in the moment. But I wanted something fun and playful that would match with my Grinchmas home decor that’s happening in my house.

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Grinch Christmas Countdown Calendar

  • Author: Bryton Taylor


What you’ll need to create a Grinchmas Countdown Calendar.


  • A large poster frame or photo frame.
  • Self-adhesive book cover in bright red
  • Lime green card x2
  • Self-adhesive magnetic strips pack
  • Xacto knife or scissors
  • Pen
  • Permanent marker
  • White roll of paper or large white card
  • Download the Grinch printables


  1. Remove the glass or perspex from the poster frame and wipe to remove any dust.
  2. Print the 3 sheets of Grinch face and tape together. On a large counter or the floor, lay the printout face up, and place the perspex or glass on top. Use the permanent marker to trace the Grinch face.
  3. Cut the red book cover to A4 size and print the “Countdown to Grinchmas “text on the back. Alternatively you can print the text on regular A4 paper if your printer doesn’t take well to the book cover, and trace on to the back of the book cover.
  4. Use scissors or Xacto knife to cut out each letter.
  5. While it’s up to you which side is facing ‘out’, I treated this as the backside. Therefore, remember when sticking the letters down that you’ll be seeing the letters from the other side.
  6. Place magnetic strips on the frame where the DEC and numbers will be.
  7. Lay down a large white card on top, or use a roll of white paper to cover the back, then place back in the frame.
  8. Print the ‘DEC’ and numbers onto the green card and cut out. Remember to make an additional 1, 2 and 3.
  9. Place magnetic strips on the back of the numbers.
  10. Pop your frame up where you want to display and keep the numbers nearby to switch out each day.


For those in Australia, I found the poster frame at Kmart which measured 61cm by 91.5cm, and the book cover, lime green manila folder, and magnetic strips at Officeworks. I also made the ‘DEC’ magnetic for future years, so I could start my countdown in Nov.
Disclaimer: Please note the printables offered for download are for private use only and cannot be sold. The Grinch is the property of its respective trademark holders.

Have a Merry Grinchmas!

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