How To: Grinchmas Who-ville Candelabra

If there is one Who-ville prop you make this Christmas, it’s the Who-ville candelabras. In How the Grinch Stole Christmas! illustrations, the wonky table is sparsely decorated except for these two oversized topsy turvy candelabras.

To make these freestanding centrepieces, you’ll need:

  • our free template which you can click here to automatically download [ can’t find it? Check your download folder on your computer]
  • white foamboard
  • pencil
  • X-Acto knife
  • red acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • black permanent marker
  • If you’re confident with a jigsaw, you can make this with MDF, but I found the work quite fiddly with the shape. Not recommended for most!
  • You can also paint with red spray paint if you want a smooth paint finish, but don’t forget to cover where the ‘candle’ would be.


  • Start by printing out the Who-ville Christmas stocking template and cutting out.
  • Take a pencil and trace around the template onto the white foamboard.
  • Use your X-acto knife to carefully cut out.
  • Paint red acrylic on the white foamboard where the ‘candleholder’ part is. Let dry, then paint the other side.
  • Once dry, mark with pencil where the cartoon lines are. You can judge by looking, or you can transfer. Use pencil to trace on the back of the template, making sure the pencil is heavy/dark enough. Then place the template back on the white foamboard and draw over the cartoon lines, thereby transferring the pencil from the back.
  • Take your permanent marker and draw over the transferred lines on the foamboard to give your candelabra the Who-ville cartoon look.
  • Piece together the base and the candelabra so it stands upright and display on your table.

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