Who-ville Christmas Stockings tutorial

In How The Grinch Stole Christmas! illustrations, we see all the little Who-ville stockings hung haphazardly on the fireplace mantle, matching the topsy-turvy style of Who-ville.

Just as central to Christmas traditions as the Christmas tree, I felt our Christmas stockings this year needed to match the rest of the Who-ville Christmas decor.

Note: We filled our stocking with small items, but for most of you, you may want to adjust the stocking width to fit more general sized items in.

To make the Who-ville stockings, you’ll need:

  • our free Who-ville stocking template (link is above). [ Can’t find it when you click download? Check your download folder on your computer]
  • white tissue paper and a pen
  • green satin fabric [ 2 pieces]
  • sewing pins
  • sewing machine
  • fabric scissors
  • white faux fur for trim

Who-ville Christmas stocking instructions

  • Print out the free Who-ville Christmas stocking template pieces (above).
  • Trace the pattern onto tissue paper.
  • Take your two pieces of fabric and place them together so the outside of the fabric is facing in [you sew inside out so the seam is hidden].
  • Pin the tissue paper pattern to the fabric and use to cut out the stocking shape, following the solid line.
  • Keeping the tissue paper pattern pinned to the fabric, follow the dotted line to sew the stocking together.
  • Gently tear off the tissue paper from the stocking.
  • Where the fabric curves, take fabric scissors and cut tabs. This allows the fabric to look straight and not pucker.
  • Turn the stocking inside back out.
    Hand stitch a strip of faux fur to the top and attach a hook so the stocking can hang, using ribbon or thread.
    Stuff the toe of the stocking with some pillow fluff or thin plastic bags to keep the toe shape as you fill the stocking.

If you missed the link for the Whoville Christmas Stocking template earlier in the post, here’s the link again ↓↓↓

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