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Taki’s Diner Menu from City of Bones


Just got back from seeing City of Bones, and um, they missed the seven page dining scene…

Understandable considering how quick paced the movie is and all (the diner would’ve just been a big stall). And it may have been a good thing, since I have a very clear picture in my head of Taki’s. A 1950’s style place, complete with black and white checkered floors and red plush vinyl seats. Jukebox, anyone?

I’ve whipped up a menu complete with most of the food ┬ámentioned in the scene–coconut pancakes, toasted bat sandwich, raw meat– but left out the faerie food. I imagine that being on a separate menu for safety reasons! So feel free to print out this Taki’s Diner menu and use it for a City of Bones party.


Click here for the free downloadable Taki’s Diner City of Bones Menu in pdf format

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