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I’m Bryton. I was born in Vancouver, Canada, and when I was 9.5 (because those half years matter at that age), with my mom, dad and sister, I moved to Perth, Australia. I now have a serious soft spot for kookaburras!

By day, I work in government as a social media coordinator. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I also love my blog, which is why I’m up late at night during the week, and cramming in filming and recipe creation on weekends.

About In Literature

In Literature began as Food in Literature, which still is at the core of this site. Both here and on my YouTube channel, I show you how to make the recipes that are, what I believe, as authentic to the original description from books like Harry Potter and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I share my concepts for parties and create the most whimsical food ideas. It’s what goes on in my brain, which is as personal as it gets.

Here on In Literature, I create recipes inspired by novels and children’s books. I tend to lean heavily towards children’s literature and fantasy YA (like Harry Potter). It leaves so much to the imagination and gives you permission to be creative!

I’ll also cover everything from the classics such as Pride and Prejudice, through to Dan Brown’s Inferno to Young Adult novels like The Mortal Instruments.

What you’ll find on here

Recipes!! I prefer to make ones that are, what I believe, as authentic to the descriptions in the books as possible. Visiting for the first time? Start with these playful recipes. They still make me excited!

Wonka Marshamllow Pillow recipe Harry Potter alcoholic butterbeer recipe harrypotter_feature_pumpkin-juice_final-copy  Wonka Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight Chocolate Bar recipe
Wonka Marshmallow Pillow | Harry Potter Alcoholic Butterbeer | Harry Potter Copycat Pumpkin Juice | Wonka Whipplescrumptious Fudgemallow Delight


You’ll want to start here. It’ll give you the quick links to Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Great Gatsby, and many more parties.

literary themed parties | Food in Literature


Inspired by books, I love to create the occasional craft project either for parties, home decor or food packaging to enhance the recipes I make.

Beauty and the Beast rose dome tutorial


While this blog may have started was recipes inspired by books, I’ve found myself looking out for literary inspired locations when I travel. Starting 2017, I’ll be sharing more of my literary travel lists to help you find amazing literary locations around the world.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Restaurants Around The World

The Great Gatsby; 5 Sydney Filming Locations

How In Literature came about

This blog began back in 2008, but has twisted and shifted itself through many different outfit changes, from paper crafts, through to gluten free cooking. It was all part of the process of figuring out what I was passionate enough about. There’s one event I can say was ‘the moment’. I created a Mad Hatter’s Tea party theme for Easter one year, and attempted to make the Unbirthday Cake.

Total fail.

Later I made it again and wrote a post around it. In that moment, I found what I loved to create and share with others. After seeing people were interested and realising they loved what I loved, I kept going.

Find me around the web 

You can also find me around social media. I love to have a chitchat!