Turkish Delight. Pumpkin juice. Drink Me potion.

did your mind automatically jump to The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?

Our favourite books magically transport us to familiar literary locations.

We feel as if we’re about to head into the Three Broomsticks to warm up over foaming mugs of hot butterbeer. Or rummage around in Bilbo’s pantry for a freshly baked seed cake. And when we are transported, we get a wave of nostalgic feelings.

Authentic recipes from our favourite novels extend our experience, giving us something tangible we can share with others.

It gives us a space to create new memories with our friends and family.

Whether it’s throwing a coming-of-age Hobbit party or simply having friends around on a Saturday night to make butterbeer together, we’re creating memories with those who matter most to us. 

InLiterature is here to help inspire so you can make your own magical memories. 

Much like we find ourselves lost for hours in a book we love, I hope you find yourself doing the same on InLiterature.


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